Why is it so hard to get together with the Chinese “gang”?

Chinese gang

Have you ever been on exchange to another country perhaps in Asia and you as a westerner would like to include yourself into the authentic Asian group/gang in the campus but simply find it so hard to do so? Even if you did, to you it seems just like a vague “hello, how do you do” sort of a friendship, not the type where you could look forward for a hang out or chit chat. Are Chinese people racists towards other nationalities or am I so weird that they don’t want to be-friend me?

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Why do Chinese people hardly greet me with “How are you?”

greeting how are you

Such a common daily greeting “How are you?”, would you as a foreigner be surprised if one day you happened to wait for your Chinese friends to greet you with such greeting, and wondered how come you never got one? Well, so it is, the “how are you?” greeting is again, a cultural thing 😉

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Why does it take so long to get your points clear?

points clear

Have you been on a business talk with a Chinese colleague and wondered why it was taking him such a long time to get to a simple point? The third second of the talk you could pretty much guess what he wanted to explain but it had to take him an additional 15 seconds to make his one point clear. God, how exhausting is that? To me and to him! Why though, why not directly say what you wanted? Zack Zack!

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The la sentences

la sentence

Have you ever been confused and wondered what your Chinese friends are talking about in English especially when they strangely add a “la” at the end of the sentence? For example, “I think this is better la” You asked yourself which part of the sentence you misunderstood and then this cycle comes over and over again, the la word at the end of most sentences. Seriously, can someone please explain to me what you are exactly referring to? 

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Why do you keep saying NO to the things I offer?

saying no

Are you tired of receiving a NO reply from your Chinese friends/colleagues for the kind things you in fact sincerely offer? What is wrong with them sometimes you might think in your head. Are they specifically anti-social in general or is there something wrong with me that they dislike? Why is it just so hard to say “Yes, that is so kind of you. Let’s go.”

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