Embrace cultural differences: part 6

embrace_cultural_differences_6How would Melody, a Chinese girl who has acquired her Master’s degree in Germany view her own Chinese culture? Her experience living in the German society and her understanding on German culture, how would she see and defend her owns?

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Embrace cultural differences: part 5


We have received some stereotypes from our Westerner friends that Chinese people love and hate white people. Love and hate, two strong extreme words! How could Chinese people love them yet hate them at the same time? Today, we present some views and opinion sharing from a Taiwanese girl who has various cultural  insights towards these stereotypes that are put upon us.

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German Axel’s 15 honest stereotypes on Chinese people

german stereotypes on chinese people

Being in Singapore for 1 year of exchange made him completely fell in love with the Chinese culture, after a few years of going back to Germany, he decided to reside completely in Singapore, also a strong Chinese culture society. Surrounded by Chinese colleagues and leading on an authentic Chinese  lifestyle in Singapore, what does German Axel have to say about the Chinese culture?

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Embrace cultural differences: part 3


Today we have gathered opinions from a Chinese mother based on more stereotypes by our western friends on things like “Chinese parents refused to let their kids hang out with their English teacher“, “Chinese worship western culture a lot”, “Chinese learn like robots.” Would you like to know what the Chinese mother Hui of 2 children has to say about that?

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Swedish Entrepreneur and his 13 years of Chinese culture


With 13 fruitful years (and counting) of integrating oneself into the Chinese culture, how does the successful Swedish Entrepreneur accomplishes his goals against all Chinese cultural odds? What were his initial insights towards the Chinese culture and how did they improve or deteriorate throughout time? What cultural confrontations did he have to go through to work with Chinese employees and to motivate them to stand up for themselves? How does he, from a Western perspective, view and analyses us?

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American English teacher and his Chinese students cultural confrontations

American English teacher Chinese cultural confrontation

Are you as a Westerner living in a Chinese society familiar with phrases and small talks from the Chinese people that you have perhaps…dishonorable character traits; not serious about life; selfish; not committed to have a lucrative career; don’t care so much about families and elders; criminal backgrounds? However, you have a career as a English teacher are known to be a valuable asset to the Chinese society. How do you cope with these extreme perceptions by the Chinese people when they perceive you under magnifying glass?¬†

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