Eating Etiquette


Do you often wonder perhaps why your Chinese roommates or friends are always so loud when they eat?

Have you ever tried offering your Chinese friends a slice of bread for dinner and have a deep search into their expressions?

Have you ever experienced eating together with a Chinese family for dinner and wonder why in daily situations they hardly eat together on a table?

Have you ever thought of why Chinese parents always greet you with the expression of “Have you eaten?/chi bao le may?”

Why is eating/being full/satisfaction in the stomach so important for Chinese people?

If you as a foreigner who are familiar with questioning yourself such questions, then you are on the right track! Whether you are in a relationship with a Chinese woman or a Chinese man, or living in a Chinese host family over the world, or having Chinese roommates that trouble you sometimes, then it is my pleasure to help answer all those from above mentioned. Feel free to drop more doubts and questions below!

Articles to recommend: Eating manners


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