The Cultural Frontier

The Cultural Frontier

The Cultural Frontier is a blog for everyone who is interested in understanding cultural differences, in particular the Chinese culture. This is a blog to bridge the gap between the misunderstandings caused in various situations such as living, eating, working, and communicating.

Questions summon like:

  1. Why do you keep saying NO to the things I offer?
  2. Why don’t Chinese people eat bread for dinner?
  3. Why is it so loud when Chinese people eat?
  4. Why are Chinese parents so money oriented?
  5. Why is education in the Chinese culture so stressful and painful?

Article entries are divided into categories:

  1. Eating Etiquette
  2. Living Etiquette
  3. Language
  4. Proverbs
  5. Feature articles

5 thoughts on “The Cultural Frontier

  1. Thank you for all the valuable information you have in your website. Now I can just refer my non-Chinese friends to visit you. It saves me the trouble of constantly explaining myself. The fact is I am not aware when I behave in Chinese manner because I spent my first 19 years of my life in Chinese society, Hong Kong. Now I can also tell my son to go to you to learn more about how to be Chinese. He is 24 years old and has been in Canada all his life.
    Your work is really necessary. Please continue.

    • Thank you so much for this message, really encouraged me a lot! You could sign up for the subscription here (end of the webpage) to get automatic updates when new posts are up! Hope you enjoy and support! 🙂

  2. Albert H Yee
    SYNDROME — Singapore: Heinemann Asia 1992 2nd edition

    you might be interested in this book. If you could not find it in your neighborhood library, I can email some excerpts from the book.

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